Card for Instagram followers

Transform feedback into growth with an innovative solution!

Reviewly’s exclusive limited availability product that will build a bridge between your fans and your Instagram account! An excellent solution for businesses, influencers, and content creators alike. Grow your Instagram account with just 1 tap!


New followers
Works directly with Instagram
Fast growth

You need to provide us with a link to your account from the Instagram app settings. Select “Share Profile” and copy the link.

Contactless, with one touch to the customer’s device!

Reviewly’s cards are designed with a built-in NFC (Near Field Communication) chip that is activated when a device with an NFC detector approaches it. Such detectors have smart devices, for example, all modern phones.

When you purchase a follower card from Reviewly, you get lifetime usage rights!

There is no limit to the number of followers you can get with one card.

We have the trust of some of the most popular influencers!

Become part of the top influencers who harnessed the power of Reviewly to gather more followers and grow their Instagram profiles.

Influencer elizabethfame

112K+ Followers

Influencer yasminkirilova

80.5K+ Followers

Influencer radostna

12.5K+ Followers

Influencer stellaiv

14.9K+ Followers

Influencer antonia_germanova

9.5K+ Followers

Tap the card to the customer's smartphone.

Open the notification.

Open the link.

The client starts following you!

See our solutions in action!

We have the solutions that allow you to reach incredible results in the number of reviews you receive daily! Our experts guarantee that with a properly tailored strategy you will get 100% of your money back through reviews!

This will also affect your overall online brand development and sales!

We are a favorite of many marketing agencies who offer Reviewly’s solutions to their clients. This is guaranteed by our expertise and experience in the field.

Reviewly’s go-to map embeds an encrypted link to the Google Business Profile review form of a specific Google Maps location.

We recommend having a separate map for each of your locations on Google Maps!

Absolutely! Our NFC cards prioritize online security for all users.

Using advanced encryption, the cards share only the information that is programmed into them – the direct link to leave feedback.

Use calmly and with confidence!

With expertise and over 10 years experience in marketing and business development.

Our solution has been tested in real conditions – customers and businesses. Before we created Reviewly, we developed, tested, and improved the working model!

Between 10-50 reviews every day! It takes a fine-tuned strategy and control over the process, which is every site manager’s role.

We have designed everything – you just have to use it. Of course, some businesses get a lot more reviews than others – barbershops, beauty salons, hotels, etc.

It is possible to have your order delivered in under 2 days. You need to have filled in all your details correctly as well as provided your Google reviews link.

Of course! You can pay both cash on delivery and 100% securely with bank cards and bank wire.

Nope! We do not charge a subscription fee for our products. The investment is one-time and minimal!

With strategy. In addition to sales professionals, we are marketing experts with over 10 years of experience. We have created the best strategy for collecting reviews!

You can purchase it here.