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Satisfied Business: the Barber Shop

The Barber Shop

Доволен бизнес: Pulse Fitness & Spa

Pulse Fitness & SPA

Доволен бизнес: Hotel Novotel

Hotel Novotel

Satisfied business: KoCos Bulgaria

KoCos Bulgaria

Satisfied Business: Wish Protein Bar and shop

Wish Foods

Satisfied business: Sports Centre and fitness 33

Sports Center 33

Satisfied Business: Cleopatra Bulgaria

Adult Store Cleopatra

Доволен бизнес: CityDent -

Dental Clinic CityDent

Satisfied business: Cosmos Detailing

Cosmos Garage Detailing

50 reviews per day! How does it sound?

And the best part is that it’s all true! Our strategy is so effective that can get some businesses 50 reviews EVERY DAY!

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If everything you provided in your order details is correct, you can have an NFC review card very quickly – under 24 hours!

Tap the card to the customer's smartphone.

Open the notification.

Open the link.

The customer writes a new review for you!

A solution for every successful business!

Many business owners have increased the effectiveness of their online presence with Reviewly's solutions.

I increased the multi-octave ratings to my barber shop with the Reviewly card! I get a minimum of 10 new reviews every day and am growing my location!

Доволен клиент: Кристиян Митов
Kristian Mitov
The Barber Shop

I found out about Reviewly's system through my marketing partner MAX Digital. Together they developed a strategy that is getting me more and better reviews for my business!

Доволен клиент: Александра Гочева
Alexandra Gotcheva
Photo sessions Sofia

Reviewly helped me set up my own system for collecting feedback from my customers. It has been very important to me and I am glad to be improving my business with it!

Доволен клиент: Асен Марков
Assen Markov
AM Football Academy

We wanted to promote our taekwondo gyms and make it easier for parents with children to find us. With the help of Reviewly, we are able to collect many new reviews every week!

Доволен клиент: Никол Чорбанова
Nicole Chorbanova
Taekwondo Club NSA

Since using Reviewly's review system, I've managed to develop my 24-hour shop downtown! I'm pleased and get 20 new reviews every day!

Доволен клиент: Ивайло Шарков
Ivaylo Sharkov
Seven Deluxe

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Implementing Reviewly’s feedback system is an easy and quick task that brings businesses across Europe a host of benefits in developing their online presence, the main ones being:

More sales!
Rank higher in Google
Genuine feedback

With a one-time investment and no recurring fees – expect a profitable increase in sales and loyalty.

Our system not only provides more reviews, but also real-time feedback, allowing you to quickly improve your products and services.

Partner with us for a future where every touch brings your business closer to its goals, encouraging growth and customer satisfaction with every interaction.

Product image of Reviewly's NFC card that leaves a review on a phone

You can collect even more reviews!

With our effective beginners strategy, you’ll be able to get a much higher number of reviews every day!

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There are countless marketing strategies and techniques for collecting reviews, but let’s be honest… most of them don’t produce as good results as we’d like. Don’t you agree?

With us, you won’t have to use inefficient methods such as:

  • Customers find your business location on their own;
  • Create scenarios for your employees;
  • To rely on terrifying QR codes;
  • Collect and send emails in hopes of getting 1-2 more responses.
Retail outlets | Shops
Beauty Studio | Wellness & SPA
Hotels | Restaurants
Health and educational facilities
Sports centres / Gyms / Clubs
Everything else!

Thanks to our partners!

We have the trust of many businesses that we work with to improve the effectiveness of our solutions.

Strategic Partner: MAX Digital
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