440% Growth in reviews in just 1 month in adult store

In today’s success story, you’ll find out how one of our clients achieved tremendous results in their business development!

Thanks to Reviewly, the adult stores Cleopatrabg.com achieved a 350% increase in their reviews in just 31 days!

Below, you will find out about the business’s history, difficulties, goals, and detailed results!

Satisfied Business: Cleopatra Bulgaria

Growth Difficulties

The main hurdle for the client was a need for more interest in placing reviews from customers due to concerns about their Google profiles being visible.

Business Goals

The client desires to start collecting between 20-40 new reviews per year for each Google Maps business location they own.

Our Solution

To achieve the goals, each physical store was equipped with a Google NFC review card, and we provided an advanced review collection strategy upon which to adapt.

Where did we start, and where did we get to in just 31 days?

Shop Cleopatra has 18 reviews before Reviewly
Shop Cleopatra has 81 reviews 1 month after Reviewly

At the end of March 2024, the business began collecting reviews with Reviewly’s personalized system and, in just 31 days was able to collect as many as 63 new reviews!

That’s a whole 350% growth! Moreover, the location has generated the original 18 reviews over 365 days! In the first month, the business exceeded its goal of 20-40 reviews per year by 63 in one month.

At the same rate, this location could have over 600 reviews yearly!

What's next for this business?

More customers and sales

Having more 5-star⭐ reviews in Google’s system signals trust that customers don’t ignore!

Genuine feedback

Customer feedback will help you grow and improve your business!

Higher ranks in Google Search

Genuine and positive reviews are a ranking signal to Google and can help you rank higher in the search engine!

You can do it too!

Expand your business potential now and turn customer feedback into your success story. Reviewly’s professionals are seasoned experts in local search engine optimization and longtime Google Local Guides with high rankings!

Reviewly’s review products are compatible with all smartphones, and no unique settings are needed!

Grab a full arsenal of tools to get many new reviews daily – an NFC card and a strategy!

Explore our solutions from this link or contact us from the Contact Us page.

Product image of the Reviewly card for the customer

The client is using the following products:

Original price was: €36.00.Current price is: €28.00.

The content tells about the successful use of our products and the subsequent results. The structure and content are entirely original, and no sources other than images, graphics, and examples from the Google Business Profile platform have been used.

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