The Impact of Local Guides on Google Reviews

Did you know that over half (62%) of all Google reviews come from a dedicated group of users called Local Guides? This insight, revealed in a 2021 study by the multi-location marketing platform SOCi, sheds light on Local Guides’ significant impact on shaping online reputations.

Our experts have created a comprehensive article on the question “What are Google Local Guides?” which we advise you to read if you are unfamiliar with the topic. If you have the necessary knowledge, we can move on to who these local guides are and what influence they possess.

Demystifying Local Guides: A Look at the Numbers

SOCi’s study delved deep into the data, analyzing 1.1 million Google Business Profiles containing a staggering 169 million reviews. They examined the “raw count” of reviewers, categorizing them by their Local Guide level (identified by profile badges). Here’s a breakdown of what they found:

Local Guide Level

Unique User Count

Non-Guide user34,082,705
Level 1-37,455,872
Level 42,941,208
Level 53,375,458
Level 61,343,206
Level 7254,248
Level 842,796
Level 93,585
Level 101,325

Interestingly, despite the program’s growth, regular Google users still make up the majority of reviewers (34 million). However, the impact of Local Guides is undeniable. While they represent only 31% of the total reviewer population, they contribute a whopping 62% of all reviews!

Fun Fact: The number 1 Local Guide as of June 2023 is Bartek_Maryniakwho is a Level 10 and has over 1 540 000 points! You can follow the leaderboards from Local Guides Connect.
Borislav Donchev - Digital Growth Expert
Borislav Donchev
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Diving Deeper: Frequency of Reviews by Local Guides

The study further revealed a significant difference in review frequency between Local Guides and regular users. On average, Local Guides write a staggering 6.8 reviews per person, compared to just 1.9 reviews for non-Guides. This translates to Local Guides writing roughly 3.6 times more reviews than their non-Guide counterparts!

Interestingly, the level of a Local Guide influences their review habits. Level 5 Guides stand out as the most prolific reviewers, contributing nearly 20% of all reviews within the analyzed dataset. This is significantly higher than the average 13% for Levels 1-3, 10% for Level 4, and 14% for Level 6.

Did you Know…

Online reviews are 12% of the top local SEO factors for Google?

Since online reviews are a key player in Google’s ranking algorithm (SEO), they hold significant weight for local businesses. Reviews contribute roughly 12% to local SEO ranking factors. To climb the Google search ladder, focus on these key areas:

  • On-page optimization (25%) fine-tunes your website for relevant searches.
  • Backlinks (22%) are essentially votes of confidence from other websites.
  • Optimizing your Google Business Profile (21%), a free tool that acts as your online storefront.

By tackling these areas alongside reviews, you’ll be well on your way to local SEO success!

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This is the reason why Local Guides matter!

The influence of Local Guides on Google Reviews is undeniable. They are a passionate group actively contributing detailed reviews that shape online perceptions. As a business owner or digital marketing professional, understanding the power of Local Guides is crucial. By implementing strategies to encourage positive reviews and engagement with this influential user base, you can unlock the potential to boost your online reputation and attract more customers significantly.

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The article’s structure was created using credible sources of information such as Wikipedia, Street Fight Magazine, and SOCI. The content was specifically created and edited by a professional content creator who is a high-level Local Guide and expert in digital technology. All statistics are borrowed from SOCI, Local Guides Connect, and

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